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Welcome to ABMS The Open University Of Switzerland

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Faith, unity and discipline are the key
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The Academy of Business Management – ABMS – The Open University Of Switzerland is a dynamic, modern university in the heart of Switzerland, with a focus upon all aspects of the management and business industry. There is a long tradition of management in Switzerland, and it is the ideal environment for young people from all over the world wishing to study in the most important business and management professions.

For many of our students it is the first time they study online and study with group of students for a long period and from completely foreign cultures. We therefore offer them round-the-clock support from the time they start studying until completion of their studies. Even after they have graduated we are always available to listen to their questions.

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The Academy Of Business Management - THE OPEN UNIVERSITY OF SWITZERLAND

SEE  Leadership team  to know about main people working at ABMS Switzerland

The Academy based in Zug and Zurich and is Officially registered and entity established under Swiss law of the State (Canton) of Zug in Switzerland.

We offer a range of online study programs starting from Associate Bachelor Degree up to Doctorate Degree, including Masters and Bachelors study programs, all our Studies can be done in ONE academic year part time (Friday to Sunday),

The Academy is a global leader in Online Business Education an outstanding reputation - The Swiss Universities Handbook (Largest Educational Portal in Switzerland) has ranked our Academy among the top online universities in Switzerland, in term of popularity.

The main language of our study programs is in English dedicated working professionals

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There is barely any industry in the world that offers such diverse career opportunities as Business management. Nowadays, business and management have moved beyond companies and hotels/restaurants alone. Business management and care institutions also have increasing requirements for enhanced service; trained people are in demand for events; further training courses in large companies call for professional assistance; guests on airlines and banks expect the best service; and young professionals are looking for opportunities to implement their own business ideas.

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Across the globe, Switzerland is associated with hospitality, precision, cleanliness and good service. ABMS represents Swiss quality at fair prices. Anyone studying with us not only gains a certificate that is backed up by the most important quality labels in the business industry, but they also leave with skills and attributes that are appreciated all over the world and which are very much in demand.

However, theory alone is insufficient unless skills are practiced until they become second nature. We therefore place great importance upon practical aspects. We offer you part time study to give you the possibility to work and gain more work experience. Up to now our students have always succeeded in finding a place during their study or before graduating.

Students undertake paid work in banks, companies, hotel management and reception during

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Registration in Switzerland:

ABMS is officially registered in the State of Zug in Switzerland to operate by the Swiss law (Art. 24 VZAE) for Postsecondary Education, ABMS registration number in Switzerland is CH- ABMS is private and independent university, click here to see our registration in Switzerland.

Swiss Government Scholarships for ABMS local students

temptraining logosmall ABMS is proud to be on the List of Approved Schools/Universities for Public Scholarships in Switzerland by "Association for Bipartite Enforcement, Continuing Training and the Social Fund for Staff Leasing"  SwissStaffing which works with GAV under State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO.

NOTE: Public scholarships are possible only for our students living in Switzerland.
ABMS is proud to be one of few schools in Switzerland approved for Public Scholarships, we have signed an agreement to allow our local students to get a scholarship
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ABMS is officially registered in State of Zug - Switzerland Reg.Nr. CH-, for Further informations please check the official Stadt Zug - State of Zug website


Part of A.B.M.S. Education Group for Further informations about A.B.M.S. Education Group please check Government's Official Web Portal - State of Zug (Switzerland)