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Welcome to ABMS The Open University Of Switzerland

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Welcome Letter from the President of ABMS (2015-2016)
"We are different and you are different"

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Academy of Business Management (ABMS). You are now part of an incredible team of leading staff, faculty, students, and alumni who make this a dynamic, modern university.

ABMS is a dynamic and vibrant community made up of many people from around the world. Located in the heart of cosmopolitan and multicultural Switzerland, we embrace diversity and pride ourselves in helping our students become citizens of the world. Our values of academic freedom, social responsibility, accessible education, and collegial self-governance are deep-rooted and guide us, as we become Switzerland's leading business university.

At the Academy of Business Management (ABMS), we value our employees and are especially committed to providing them with the support

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The Academy Of Business Management - THE OPEN UNIVERSITY OF SWITZERLAND

SEE  Leadership team  to know about main people working at ABMS Switzerland

The Academy based in Zug and Zurich and is Officially registered and entity established under Swiss law of the State (Canton) of Zug in Switzerland.

We offer a range of online study programs starting from Associate Bachelor up to Doctorate, including Masters and Bachelors study programs, all our Studies can be done in ONE academic year part time (Friday to Sunday),

The Academy is a global leader in Online Business Education an outstanding reputation - The Swiss Universities Handbook (Largest Educational Portal in Switzerland) has ranked our Academy among the top online universities in Switzerland, in term of popularity.

The main language of our study programs is in English dedicated working professionals from all

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ABMS and You | We are different and so are you!!

Academy of Business Management (ABMS) is at the point where higher education and technology converge. ABMS students can earn their diploma from anywhere they can take their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Adult learners choose ABMS because of its relevant and engaging diplomas online and the support they receive from fellow students in this vibrant learning community. Our students use technology to connect to their diplomas, professors, and more importantly, to the ABMS community.

Build global success when you earn your business management diploma online from ABMS. Our accredited university gives you the skills you need to operate within a multinational enterprise

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Across the globe, Switzerland is associated with hospitality, precision, cleanliness and good service. ABMS represents Swiss quality at fair prices. Anyone studying with us not only gains a certificate that is backed up by the most important quality labels in the business industry, but they also leave with skills and attributes that are appreciated all over the world and which are very much in demand.

However, theory alone is insufficient unless skills are practiced until they become second nature. We therefore place great importance upon practical aspects. We offer you part time study to give you the possibility to work and gain more work experience. Up to now our students have always succeeded in finding a place during their study or before graduating.

Students undertake paid work in banks, companies, hotel management and reception during

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Accreditations (ABMS is Premier Accredited until Oct 2019)


ASIC P ABMS is a Premier Accredited University by  A ccreditation S ervice for I nternational C olleges & Universities ASIC UK , which means that ABMS have meet the HIGHEST STANDARD FOR ACCREDITATION by the european renowned accreditation body ASIC UK, click here to see the ASIC UK Certificate of Accreditation .

ASIC is an approved accreditation body by British Government  and can be found on Wiki " List of recognized higher education accreditation organizations worldwide ".

ASIC is one of 12 recognized accreditation bodies by the  British Government   ( recognized by  Home Office UK a   ministerial department of the British Government ), an approved accrediting body for the purposes of compliance by the UK Border Agency ( UKBA ), a member of the UK NARIC ( UK National Academic Recognition Information Centre ) Quality

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ABMS - The Open University of Switzerland

The Open University of Switzerland

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ABMS is officially registered in State of Zug - Switzerland Reg.Nr. CH-, for Further informations please check the official Stadt Zug - State of Zug website


Part of A.B.M.S. Education Group for Further informations about A.B.M.S. Education Group please check Government's Official Web Portal - State of Zug (Switzerland)