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.ABMS Student Testimonials

All the following students live in Switzerland, and all of them managed to get a higher position or better Job based on their Study at ABMS
Hansueli Wyss, a Swiss Student lives in Switzerland Pascaline Fischer, a Student from Ghana lives in Switzerland Marion H., a Student from Germany lives in Switzerland Irina Dukic, a Hungarian Student lives in Switzerland Phuong Quyen Mouchet, a Swiss Student lives in Switzerland Ursula Wiesmann, a Swiss Student lives in Switzerland
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Welcome Letter from the Managing Director of ABMS (2017-2018)
“Together we shine, together we walk miles and miles”

Dear ABMS Family,

It is most of our pleasure to welcome you to the academic year of 2017/2018. We are altogether an amazing team of students, lecturers, staff, and alumni. We are proud to be a modern university meeting the needs of the globe today.
With our dynamic and incredible team, we achieved a lot of wonderful events this year on behalf of our institution: triple-award diploma with the leading state universities which are within the worldwide top 500 universities, customer satisfaction award, international recognized accreditations, international TV interviews. ABMS looks further to the future to obtain many more achievements. Our goal is to grow step by step with an increasing success.
If you are considering to

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The Academy Of Business Management - THE OPEN UNIVERSITY OF SWITZERLAND

ABMS OPEN UNIVERSITY OF SWITZERLAND ® is a registered trademark for Education in Switzerland under Nr. 690804 by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property which belongs to the Federal Department of Justice and Police.

SEE  Leadership team  to know about main people working at ABMS Switzerland

ABMS is certified by EduQua which is the Swiss Quality label for Education, the first and ONLY online provider certified by the prestige’s European accreditation "EFMD" which is considered as one of the top accreditation in the world, as well accredited by ASIC which is a recognized accreditation by the British Government, also accredited by the European council for business education ECBE.

The Academy based in Zug and Zurich and ABMS GmbH is Officially registered and ِentity established under

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ABMS and You | We are different and so are you!!

Academy of Business Management (ABMS) is at the point where higher education and technology converge. ABMS students can earn their diploma from anywhere they can take their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Adult learners choose ABMS because of its relevant and engaging diplomas online and the support they receive from fellow students in this vibrant learning community. Our students use technology to connect to their diplomas, professors, and more importantly, to the ABMS community.

Build global success when you earn your business management diploma online from ABMS. Our accredited university gives you the skills you need to operate within a multinational enterprise

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Across the globe, Switzerland is associated with hospitality, precision, cleanliness and good service. ABMS represents Swiss quality at fair prices. Anyone studying with us not only gains a certificate that is backed up by the most important quality labels in the business industry, but they also leave with skills and attributes that are appreciated all over the world and which are very much in demand.

However, theory alone is insufficient unless skills are practiced until they become second nature. We, therefore, place great importance upon practical aspects. We offer you part time study to give you the possibility to work and gain more work experience. Up to now, our students have always succeeded in finding a place during their study or before graduating.

Students undertake paid work in banks, companies, hotel management and reception during

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All students will have, in addition to ABMS Diploma, a Joint Diploma with University of Dąbrowa Górnicza (WSB) and Taras Shevchenko National University
both universities logos will be on the Diploma... LICK HERE FOR MORE


Registered Trademark

ABMS OPEN UNIVERSITY OF SWITZERLAND® and OUR LOGO are registered trademark for Education in Switzerland by the  Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.

eduqua cert small1

Certified by the Swiss Quality Assurance Body - EduQua

EduQua – The Swiss Quality Label for Further Education Institutions”, ABMS is proud to be accredited by “EduQua”; the national EduQua scheme is officially recognised throughout Switzerland. Click here to read more

The main goal of EduQua certification to assure that the school meets the Swiss standards for education, Click here to read more

The EduQua criteria

  1. Courses: educational need
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Reportage on RTV
Serbian TV visiting ABMS in Switzerland
Baltic Times' Interview
Dr. Habib Al Souleiman's interview with The Baltic Times about the Virtual Education
Reportage on ATV
ATV Television visiting ABMS in Zurich
ASIC Interview
Interview with Mr. Dimmock about ABMS Switzerland

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ABMS is Certified by EFMD; ASIC, ECBE, ISO 29990 and  officially registered in State of Zug - Switzerland Com. Reg.Nr. CH-, for Further informations please check the official Stadt Zug - State of Zug website

National Certified

ABMS is certified by EduQua, the national quality label for education as well Part of ABMS Education Group for further information about ABMS please check Government's Official Web Portal - State of Zug (Switzerland)